Ayn Rand on the Value of Businessmen

In this short clip from a longer interview with James McConnel in 1961., Ayn Rand describes the role of businessmen in a modern society, and specifically their role in the enormous rise in standard of living seen in the nineteenth century.

See the whole interview here.

Surce: Ayn Rand Institute YouTube channel.


The businessman has to use his mind to deal with reality. He has to study facts to produce material goods. He is the man who serves as the transmission belt for the discoveries of science, and carries the product of science to all levels of society. He is the one who takes the inventions of a theoretical scientist or of an inventor, transforms them into useful products and, by putting them into mass production, makes them available to all levels of society. The businessman is the one who achieved an enormous, historically miraculous rise in mankind's standard of living during the nineteenth century.



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