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Jadranko Brkic

Sloboda i Prosperitet TV project founder and developer. Yadranko graduated in 2005 with a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Hawaii Pacific University (HPU), from which he also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science 3 years earlier. His professional experience includes 5 years work experience in Hawaii's IT industry.

In 2005 he moved back to his home country, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in hopes of starting his own business and becoming an entrepreneur. Unable to adjust to the country’s postwar turmoil, including the frustration with country's overburdening and corrupt bureaucracy while attempting to start a business, Yadranko abandoned his dreams and moved to Hong Kong in 2006.

During a US primary election campaigns in 2007, he discovered and was captivated by the ideas of individual liberty, small government, and free market economics, spearheaded by a Republican presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul from Texas. Having been born and raised in socialist country and having experienced evils of collectivism and nationalism first hand, Yadranko instantly fell in love with libertarian principles of maximum individual freedom, Austrian free market economics, and minimal government. The next two years of independent research led to his renewed interest in happenings at home, and the beginning of his political activism, first through the creation of Campaign for Freedom and Prosperity in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2009, and Sloboda i Prosperitet.TV: a libertarian network of alternative media in western Balkans later in 2011.

Today, Yadranko continues to do his political activism by researching political and economic issues, voicing libertarian freedom solutions, and working with other like minded freedom activists around the globe in building educational media platforms, and expanding libertarian network in the countries of western Balkans.


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