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The one line that proves China wants to take over the world via @newscomauHQ5 sati 49 minuta ago
Rasizam - odlomak iz knjige Vrlina Sebičnosti via @YouTube1 dan 14 sati ago
Gatekeepers Exposed | James O'Keefe and Stefan Molyneux via @YouTube6 dana 19 sati ago
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CrossTalk: Catalonia Rising via @YouTube2 tjedna 23 sata ago
RT @PerBylund: BTW "trade deal" is euphemism for politically managed trade to benefit some preferred industries/businesses. Free #trade req… — 2 tjedna 5 dana ago
80% of population to live in around 600 cities in next 20-30 years – eco... via @YouTube2 tjedna 5 dana ago
CrossTalk: Kurdish Puzzle via @YouTube2 tjedna 5 dana ago
"Za trgovanje nije potrebno imati trgovinski sporazum" - William Dartmouth MEP... tjedna 6 dana ago
Za trgovanje nije potrebno imati trgovinski sporazum - William Dartmouth MEP: via @YouTube2 tjedna 6 dana ago
Yet another major Russia story falls apart. Is skepticism permissible yet? by @ggreenwald3 tjedna 3 sata ago
Poliovirus destroys cancer cells and stops tumor regrowth tjedna 2 dana ago
What is a Startup Society? via @YouTube3 tjedna 2 dana ago
RT @Uber_Pix: A woman adopted 2 lion cubs but had to give them to the local zoo Here's what happened visiting them 7yrs later https://t.c… — 3 tjedna 3 dana ago
Razlika u razmišljanju između siromašnih i bogatih via @siptv3 tjedna 5 dana ago
Yaron Brook o izrabljivanju radnika u sweatshop korporacijama tjedna 14 sati ago
Izrabljivanje radnika u sweatshop korporacijama: via @YouTube4 tjedna 14 sati ago
Accused of War Crimes, Saudis Investigate Themselves and Find No Wrongdoing | The Daily Liberator via @po_st4 tjedna 1 dan ago
RT @GeorgeTakei: Trump the candidate said he had zero Russia ties, even while secretly negotiating for Trump Tower in Moscow. Piece it toge… — 4 tjedna 1 dan ago
RT @Project_Veritas: There will be more #AmericanPravda videos coming soon. To get more hard-hitting investigations, please donate: https… — 4 tjedna 2 dana ago