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2017/08/13: What happened today (not Charlottesville)... via @YouTube2 dana 13 sati ago
WATCH: Americans favor war with North Korea, but cannot locate it... dana 17 sati ago
“Only Morons Believe What The US Government Says About North Korea” by Caitlin Johnstone tjedan 15 sati ago
RT @DrJillStein: Cooler heads must prevail on North Korea. Trading threats isn't working. Listen to South Koreans, who want diplomacy, not… — 1 tjedan 16 sati ago
Professor warns: “Social justice warriors” are destroying engineering via @BogusTimes1 tjedan 16 sati ago
Ovakve porezne reforme trebamo: via @YouTube1 tjedan 3 dana ago
I posted a new video to Facebook tjedan 3 dana ago tjedan 4 dana ago tjedan 4 dana ago
Corvette owner gets instant fame for answering how many people could have been fed for the cost of the car tjedan 5 dana ago
Game of Thrones: Libertarian Edition via @YouTube1 tjedan 6 dana ago
@USEmbassySyria It is absolutely criminal that the US regime aligned itself with, armed, and financed the head chopping terrorists. — 2 tjedna 5 sati ago
A neuroscientist who studies decision-making reveals the most important choice you can make via @BI_Science2 tjedna 18 sati ago tjedna 1 dan ago
Mladi iz BiH pokrenuli studentski pojekat “Kutak slobode” tjedna 1 dan ago
UGLEDNI KOLUMNIST OBJAVIO KOMENTAR KOJI JE ZAPALIO FACE: ‘Za točno 5 mjeseci počet će najveća organizirana... tjedna 1 dan ago
The Culture of Liberty tjedna 1 dan ago
Na današnji dan rođen je američki liberalni ekonomist i nobelovac Milton Friedman.... tjedna 3 dana ago
"How our lives will change dramatically in 20 years by CEO of Mercedes." by @Delahuntagram on @LinkedIn3 tjedna 19 sati ago
RT @JulianAssange: Financial Times buries the lede. CIA not only armed Syria's insurgents--it paid their salaries. tjedna 1 dan ago